Sunday, October 4, 2009

The semester that ate my life...

18 credit hours: never again. Oh, except next semester. But never again with one of them being a grad class. Oh, except next semester. Damn. Wake me up in April, I guess.

I feel like I've been sort of MIA from everywhere. In the small amount of free time I've had, I did manage to read this excellent story by Tim Jones-Yelvington. Necessary Fiction is just generally fantastic and really tends to publish things of a certain nature that really speak to me.

I have a story up at SmokeLong, which is incredibly exciting to me, as they are a fantastic publication and I'm super honored to be there. I am admitting that I have not even had time to read the rest of the issue yet, but Kevin Wilson's piece there is wonderful and I'm looking forward to everything else.

I did manage to make the time to read Dave Eggers' new book, as I will be seeing him Tuesday and would feel like a jerk not having read it yet. As non-fiction (and not in the memoir style), it read a lot differently than his other stuff, but I really enjoyed it. It's depressing what a mess this country is sometimes but important to think about for obvious reasons. That's not a very profound review, I know. But the point is: Zeitoun--well worth a read.

My contributor copies of Annalemma arrived the other day, and wow. I don't know that I've ever seen such a visually amazing lit mag. Kudos to Chris Heavener on combining the words and the art in a way few others are. Seriously lovely.

If you happen to be studying Kant, Gilles Deluze's Kant's Critical Philosophy is quite a lucid little companion.

Dogville is more of a headfuck than any other film I have encountered.

This weekend, I saw Disney on Ice, and also ate a lot of eggplant parmesan. Now, I'm going to do homework. I think I pretty much always sign off blog posts that way. Cheers.

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